My advance welcome ad appreciation for visiting one of my pride and latest joy –! That is what it’s meant to be, a “Pal” for the foundational basics on enjoying daily disciplines and rich experiences with your particular Labrador puppies (or senior Labrador in my case!) exclusively publishes content from my diverse experiences as a blog owner and now as a part-time affiliate proud site owner. I have a sincere passion for my 4 years old Labrador.

As a passionate enthusiast about discipline and training, you’ll read about my ways of trial and error with my big and heavy Puppa! His characteristics and personality are highly unique, but most likely, not so different from your future Labrador or current Labrador. From the $1000s spent on training, toys, and food, to even laws and regulations for flying with your daily Labrador companion – you’ll read all about it here.

With over 110+ and counting posts, I think you’ll find a great amount of intel on how to further understanding and education about your puppy or senior Labrador. We just don’t know it all, especially with this lovely breed! So, yes, invest some time going through some of our 5-8 minute reads, I think you’ll be able to identify with many of our posts. My appreciation for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Tim (Owner)


For the last 14 years I have had different types of Labradors. Puppa, as pictured, is my latest 4-year-old.  Daily living has been simplified thanks to the wealth of information amassed with my previous breeds.

Labradors has been the easiest compared t Akita’s and Chihuahua’s!

I believe I have become an expert thanks to over a decade of trial and error, plus the newfound “consistency” success with my last 3 dog breeds that I have cared for with daily disciplines and successful obedience due to weekly ongoing training.

With utmost sincerity, I wish you enjoy my reads here. Most of these blog posts normally take over 2 hours to structure and develop, and we’ve 100+ published posts already.

Enough about me now? I agree. Absolutely!

What I Think You’ll Enjoy Reading?

We have over 100+ published articles already. I think you’ll be able to relate to these scenarios d experiences:

There are over 100 plus more articles that by now, you can enjoy. Go through the articles, get acquainted with what normally works with your labrador breed, and don’t be shocked or surprised later. Labrador are among the smartest dog breeds in the world as you likely know, but the more equipped you are with intel and contingency resource, the better you’ll do with your Labrador and balance life around with such a joyful blessing.

My sincere wishes for you to enjoy my Labrador’s ongoing successful balance..cheers!


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